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Adventures in Entrées

Hello, dear readers!

Last night, I was so exhausted that I ended up sleeping way past suppertime in the dining hall. Thankfully, there’s always another option: eating something at the Turtle Mountain Cafe (or TMC). This is a place where students can go to study, hang out with friends, or get something to eat. Depending on what time you go there to eat means that the portion sizes will be regular portion sizes or entrée an sized portion. (When I say entrée sized portion, I mean small portions that you tend to eat before a meal.)

Last night, when I arrived there at 7 o’clock, I decided to try the boneless chicken wings with Buffalo sauce. Since the man behind the counter explained that they were fresh out of the boneless kind, perhaps I’d like the kind with bones?

Because I was hungry, I said yes. I also ordered some french fries.

My chicken wings came, but no french fries. The man who had taken my order forgot to add them to my tab. So, okay, I told the woman behind the counter that I wanted french fries. Because I’m a polite person, I thanked her.

Once my french fries came, I started eating the chicken wings with bones. What I realized, very quickly, was that the Buffalo sauce was kind of spicy. It probably wasn’t the extremely spicy kind, but it tasted spicy to me. The meat underneath the sauce was good, though, so I kept eating.

After about four chicken wings–four out of the six–my chin started burning because some of the messy sauce, which required me to make multiple trips to the napkin dispenser. I foolishly had decided that I didn’t need my water bottle before leaving my dorm room. Now I wished that I had grabbed it.

Instead of putting up with the slight burning sensation in my mouth, I bought a bottled water that supposedly was made from recycled plant material. I hope that that’s true, because that would be pretty neat.

I gave up on eating more of the chicken wings, and started nibbling on my fries. Those, thankfully, were not spicy.

After eating, I went to the bathroom to wash the residue of the sauce from my chin and hands.

The moral of the story here is to not buy anything that contains overly messy or spicy sauces, especially when I’m eating at the TMC.

Here’s to lessons in ordering entrées,


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