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Twelve Reasons You Should Watch Doctor Who

If you’re all ready a Whovian, great! If you’re not a Whovian–or don’t know what that is–consider joining in! It’s really fun, I promise. 


1. The theme.


2. The TARDIS: a spaceship unlike any other.


3. The show’s concept.


4. The catchphrases.


5. The companions* (friends’ of the Doctor who are lucky enough to travel with him)

*These are only some of the Doctor’s companions.


6. The monsters.

Oh, and these cute little guys:


7. The music. It’s pretty incredible.


8. The accouterments and clothes.

Yes, I know: the Doctor tends to lack fashion sense, but in a good, quirky way.


9. The sonic screwdriver.


10. The humor. And this is just one beautiful example.


11. The wisdom.


12. And last but not least…you should watch Doctor Who for the Doctor.


Happy watching,


2 thoughts on “Twelve Reasons You Should Watch Doctor Who

  1. Thanks for the comment, kimberlysaldana! I became a Whovian several years ago and have been one ever since. I also got my sister into Doctor Who as well! 😀


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