new theme

A New Look for Wordy & Nerdy!

Hello, readers!

I’ve changed my blog’s theme from the Harmonic theme to the beautifully laid out Hemingway Rewritten theme. I’ve wanted to change my current theme to the Hemingway Rewritten theme ever since I noticed that my college friend, Amelia, has her blog running this particular theme.

I’m excited to see the somewhat stiff layout of my blog change, especially since I wasn’t entirely happy with it to begin with.

Enjoy the new theme while I work on composing book reviews for Eragon and Eldest. I’m nearly done with Brisingr–thank God!–and I am learning to like the book again.

I must go dust my parent’s house now. We’ve got company, family friends, coming over tomorrow to celebrate New Years’ Eve.

Ta-ta for now,


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