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There’s Nothing like Watching Doctor Who on Christmas Day

In my last post, I mentioned that I was extremely happy to have gotten BBC America as one of my Christmas presents. Lately, I’ve been glued to the TV, eagerly devouring the images displaying the BBC logo. I’ve also been gleefully watching the past Doctor Who Christmas specials.

While I’ve seen next to nothing of Peter Capaldi, I am already drawn to his portrayal of the Doctor. He’s gruff, brisk, but he also has a softer side. He cares about his companion–Whovian term for friend/traveling buddy–Clara Oswald.

While Abbie and I only got to see the last half of the Christmas episode, I laughed and was touched by the kindness of the Doctor. (He remembered Matt Smith’s Doctor’s promise to Clara, which I won’t spoil just in case anyone reading this hasn’t seen the episode.)

The best part, though, was the Doctor’s gleeful response to learning how to fly Santa’s sleigh: “I’m flying a sleigh!” Oh, and the image of the Doctor flying close to Big Ben was awesome.

All in all, my sister and I are very happy Whovians.

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