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Movie Night with Abbie on Christmas Eve eve: Nell & The Secret of Kells

My little sister and I are having a movie night! What I cherish about watching movies with Abbie isn’t exactly what we watch, but the quality time that we spend with each other.

As the oldest child in my family, I never really understood how much Abbie looked up to me, until she wrote a beautiful note about how I was her hero–or at least, one of her heroes. Now, as an adult with a 17-year-old sister, I am beginning to look at the time we spend together much differently.

Before, when I was a child and a teenager, I used to dislike Abbie’s sudden appearance in my room. Like some older kids, I saw my little sister as something of a pest–someone who wanted to desperately play with me but didn’t quite know how to interact with me.

Of course, we all grow up. Except for Peter Pan. But that’s an entirely different story for another day.

With age, I believe, comes a growth spurt in maturity. As a sister, I am learning to see Abbie not only as my younger sibling, but a young woman who is coming into her own, day by day. Abbie is funny, smart, a good student, and a highly positive person. She is knowledgable about pop-culture, well-read, and into fashion.

Abbie is preparing for college. She still has time, though, to make her decision.

Anyway, I love sharing my favorite movies or TV shows with her. A few summers ago, I decided to show her the fantastic realm of Doctor Who. Flash forward a few years, she is now a Whovian, just like me.

Earlier tonight, we watched the film Nell together, which focuses on two doctors studying and befriending a young woman who speaks what they first consider to be an “unknown language.” Overall, I enjoyed seeing the film again, especially the touching scene at the end. I won’t spoil it for anyone who wants to see it!

And now, Abbie and I are going to watch The Secret of Kells, which tells the story of a young nephew of an abbot who must brave an enchanted forest to complete a legendary book. The animation is breath-taking, as well as hinting at ancient architecture.

Happy movie-watching, everyone!

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