computer troubles

Computer on the Fritz!

Hello, everyone!

Recently, my MacBook Pro has gone haywire.

This doesn’t mean that it’s turned into a portal to another dimension, or an Autobot.

Instead, this means that my computer will generate random pop-ups related to the sites I’m on. For example, if I’m on Netflix, it’ll bring up pop-ups with movie-watching sites.

I’ve also gotten a lot of pop-ups saying that I should consider downloading MacKeeper, which I’ve heard doesn’t do your computer any good.

If anyone has any good malware protection-y advice, please feel free to share it! I’d prefer free downloading options, if you know of any good ones other than MacKeeper.

P.S. I already have ClamXav on my laptop, but this just scans my apps and my documents. And none of those are corrupted.

Add your thoughts.

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