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The Joy of Christmas through a Penguins’ Eyes: An Analysis

One of my new favorite ads features a CGI penguin named Monty.

I stumbled upon

about a month ago.

Monty the Penguin brings the joy of the holidays, especially Christmas, to my mind. On a more personalized level, this short ad reminds me of all the times I used to play with my toys. Play was a stress reliever for me after school, as well as a creative outlet. I used to lead my Beanie Babies up the stairs to my parents’ bedroom before arranging them either on the foot or just below the bed. Even as an adult, I love the idea behind the themes of imagination and toys coming to life when you’re not looking. As someone who tries to keep her imagination and child-like self alive, I feel sad when I learn that some people can no longer get in touch with their younger selves. For me, being unable to pretend would be a great loss of who I am as an English major and a writer.

I also feel that Monty the Penguin touches on loneliness, particularly during the holidays. While this short film jumps between the perspectives of little boy and his pet penguin, the same message becomes clear: the holidays can be lonely for people (or in this particular case, anthropomorphized animals) who do not have someone with which to share that special day. Of course its important to be present during the holidays, like Christmas, because of the memories that you will be making with your family or your significant other. But it is also important to remember that there will be people who may find the holidays to be a difficult time for them, because they have lost someone who they loved, or at the very least, were close to.

The loneliness that Monty feels, even though he is happily playing with his friend, deals with not having a penguin partner to spend Christmas with. He sees various couples expressing their feelings, and realizes that he doesn’t have anyone. Over time, the little boy comes to understand why Monty is sad.

On Christmas morning, Monty gets a new female friend. The camera pulls back, showing the parents’ perspectives. It turns out that the little boy has been imagining that his toy penguin was real over the course of the film. Still, the joy that Monty feels upon seeing another penguin to share the holidays was touching for me. Thus, by the end of Monty, there’s the sense of ending the loneliness that Monty feels, as well as returning to the theme of the joy of the holidays, particularly Christmas.

I feel that Monty ends positively, reminding the audience that, by taking the time to care for and include people who may be alone during the holidays, each one of us can help perform a small act of kindness to brighten someone’s day.


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