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Hell Week Rant

Hell Week is almost over. But, instead of feeling even a modicum of relief, I feel stressed. To quote Dessa, “I’ve got shit left to do.” And I do: I need to finish up to papers, create a PowerPoint for my GWSS (Gender Women & Sexuality) class, and study for my final exam in Grammar and Language.

I realize that my workload may not be nearly as stressful as what my peers have to deal with right now. I also understand that I may just be complaining about what’s really a highly manageable level of schoolwork.

But, right now, it feels like I’ve got a lot left.

If I take my workload in small chunks, which I’ve been doing in the library for several hours at a time, I can get all my tasks done.

Last night in the library, a guy I didn’t know ran up to me and gave me a high-five. Over the noise in my ear buds, I heard, “Good luck on finals,” before he ran out and left the study room. It’s nice to know that random people care about my academic success, especially when I’m feeling utterly overwhelmed and scared about not getting enough tasks done in a given day. I’m grateful for that man and his brief encounter of sustaining optimism.

I’ll leave you guys with an inspirational song quote from Dessa’s “Skeleton Key”:

I haven’t met a locked door yet/

that I couldn’t beat

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