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Seven of my Favorite Things

Happy Friday, everyone! I’ve decided to call my Friday posts Favorite Things and focus on what I am currently in love with (or obsessing over). Since today is the 7th of November, I’ve decided to write about seven of my current favorite things.

1. The Novelist 

I started this game late last night on my laptop, and I love it so far. For anyone who is interested in family dynamics surrounding a parent’s wish to be a more well-known author, coupled with the fact that you as the observer–there’s a spoiler here that I won’t reveal–get to choose this particular family’s fate, this is a game to try.

It is a little expensive, though. The App Store has it for $15. But, in my mind, the cost is worth it.

2. Dessa’s Parts of Speech 

If you had told a younger me that I would one day, in college, come to love indie rap, I would’ve just laughed and retorted, “But I hate rap.” A friend of mine, Thomas, introduced me to the spectacular group Doomtree. (The cool thing about Doomtree is that they’re from Minneapolis, MN.) I was completely blown away by the crew’s song “Drumsticks.” The beat and the incredible lyrics make the song memorable, in my mind. While I’ve only listened mostly to their studio albums as a entire group, I’ve fallen in love with Dessa’s work. Despite the fact that she’s the only woman in her rap crew, she pulls her weight and much more.

Her intelligence, her capacity to capture a specific moment, and her imagery keep me wanting more.

Parts of Speech (2013), is a little different from her usual work. Instead of rapping and singing, she does more singing. The majority of the album’s songs are slower. But, after several listens, the work grew on me. Perceptive and personal as ever, Dessa has created a wonderful new body of work. Some of my favorites from Parts of Speech include “Call Off Your Ghost,” “Warsaw,” (which contains some harsh language), “Skeleton Key,” her version of “I’m Going Down,” and “Fighting Fish.” (This also contains some harsh language.)

You can listen to the album on Spotify, or YouTube.

3. Naps

As a college student, taking naps are essential. I mean, you can still take naps if you’re out of college, or in high school etc. But lately nothing feels more refreshing than snuggling up with my blue blanket on my lofted bed.

4. Getting letters in the mail

I have a wonderful friend from my church who never fails to send me a letter to my school mailbox. She will write about her day, always wish me well–all before she usually prepares supper. Her thoughtfulness and kindness is unending, especially when considering that she’s been doing this for the past four years. Seeing a new envelope in my mailbox cheers me up, and gives me something positive to look forward to.

5. This adorable YouTube video

In which a small bulldog puppy attempts to howl.

And speaking of puppies…

6. Meeting 5-week-old lab puppies

About a month ago, I got to visit some 5-week-old labs. As farm puppies, they had their own spacious pen in the barn. With a lamp, and straw for bedding, these itty-bitty labs were living the good life. (I say were because they’ve since gone to good homes.)

Picking up a small puppy is a joy that is hard to describe. The soft, light gold fur. The tiny paws, head, body, and little droopy tail. The smooth tongue contrasted with the sharp bite of puppy teeth. All of these factors applied to each of the little labs. They were fluff-balls. One of the males was chubby, which made him even more adorable.

When their mom entered the barn, the puppies scrambled to get to her. The few pups that couldn’t find her right away started whimpering. I listened with fascination at their suckling noises, which were quite noisy. Once Mom decided she’d had enough, managing to shake off her charges, they crowded around the opening, propping themselves up on the wooden bottom of the door. Her sudden absence prompted more adorable whimpering.

I really didn’t want to leave without a puppy. Even though my family and I all ready own two dogs (a 10-year-old male long-dachshund named Bogan, and a 4-year-old female golden retriever named Bentley), I was reluctant to leave the farm without holding one of those little fluff-balls. Nevertheless, those lab puppies made my day.

On the left: Bogan.  On the right: Bentley.  They don't usually sleep next to each other. When they do, it's pretty cute.
On the left: Bogan.
On the right: Bentley.
They don’t usually sleep next to each other. When they do, it’s pretty cute.

7. Weekends

After a stressful week filled with assignments, tests, and essays, it’s a relief to be able to relax. Taking a day off and just watching Netflix is one of the best ways to recharge my batteries, hands down.

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